About Us

A small introduction

About Us

Synergy Biologics, LLC is a biotechnology company focused on the development and commercialization of a unique surgical biologic suite of products designed to provide the surgeon with advanced management of surgical adhesions and target tissue regenerative therapy for a broad base of surgical applications. We are committed to expanding our core technology to develop safe and efficacious therapies that result in improved surgical outcomes.


To offer surgeon driven therapeutic solutions designed to restore optimal functionality of damaged tissue, and enhance and improve surgical outcomes.


To become recognized as the market leader for developing high quality biologic solutions for surgical applications.

Our People

At Synergy Biologics, LLC, we combine decades of experience in human tissue processing with accomplished track records in surgical product development, regulatory compliance, and sales and marketing. Our team is focused on delivering safe and effective therapeutics to surgeons and their patients and is passionate about providing these therapeutics in a cost effective manner to ensure more patients have the ability to receive therapeutic allografts.

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